Squalan Skin Care

Squalan Skin Care

I always love trying out new products for my skin care. Especially when the days are getting colder again I can use some extra help. My skin tends to get very dry and when wearing makeup I want my skin to stay smooth. So when I got the chance to test out the products of Squalan I was really excited.

The skincare range of Squalan is based on the product squalan . But what is it exactly? On their website it is explained as:

“Squalane is an oil that is identical to a particular type of fat that occurs naturally in our skin but is depleted as we get older. Squalane is extracted from plants and other organisms. The majority of the squalane used in cosmetics is derived from either sharks or olives. The squalane found in our products is 100% derived from Ecocert-approved sugar cane.” 

This makes squalan suitable for literally every skin type. Besides that squalan is allergy certified, contains no parabens, is vegan and not tested on animals. Sounds amazing!

First impressions

I was lucky to try out two of their products.


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The first product I tried out is the cleanser. This cleanser is oil-to-milk, gentle, deep cleansing and nourishing. The cleanser provides a deep cleansing without drying out the skin and is even suitable for extremely sensitive skin. It will also protect the skin from environmental damage.

My first impression when look at the packaging is how fancy and clean it looks. I love that.

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The cleanser has a transparant gel structure. On the packaging it says to use 2 or 3 pumps of the product and apply it on a dry face. Then, rinse it of with warm water. And wow, I was so surprised how soft and smooth it was when I applied it on my face. It was so nice to rub in into my face and even when I rinsed my face with water it still stayed soft.


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The second product is the moisturizer. Because of my dry skin, moisturizers always make me happy in advance :). This moisturizer is based on an anti-ageing (oh yes) oil that improves the skin’s moisture balance and reduces fine lines and wrinkles (another yes). The main ingredient of this moisturizer is 100% plant-based. An additional plant-based oil helps the skin stay moisturized up to 24 hours and also hydrates the skin.

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Can we all take a moment to appreciate the packaging of this moisturizer: its so pretty! So minimalistic and chique. The moisturizer has the same smooth transparant texture as the cleanser and again makes my skin feels so incredibly soft. It is truly a pleasure rubbing the product into my skin. Normally when I apply a moisturizer it will absorb into my skin and then pretty fast after that, it starts feeling dry. But with this moisturizer, my skin keeps feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.

Also, I notice that my foundation looks way more natural on my face with this moisturizer as a base. Normally, when my skin is dry you can sometimes see the foundation a bit too much, but now my face is soft, the foundation applies way more smooth on my skin.

Results after two weeks

I’ve been using both products for two weeks now and I’m still so excited about it. The condition of my skin has changed a lot. Normally around this time of the year my skin tends to get so dry and would feel so tight. Especially around my eye area.

I have tried different oils in the past, but what I noticed was that my skin was moisturized for a bit, but the dry parts stayed dry and soon after applying, my skin felt tight again. But with this moisturizer my skin stays so hydrated and soft. Even hours after applying it feels so nourished. When I applied makeup on my eye lids in the past, it was always so dry. But since I’m using this moisturizer, my eye lids are so soft and smooth that I can even apply both foundation, eye primer and eyeshadow.

I’m also still very excited about using the cleanser. First I remove my make-up normally with an micellair oil based make-up wipe. After that, I use the cleanser to extra cleanse my skin. I love how soft it makes my skin feel. Besides that, I also love that I can give my skin some extra cleanse.

Buy and try the products

You can buy the cleanser here and the moisturizer here. The cleanser costs €49 and the moisturizer costs €57. The products are not cheap, but in my opinion totally worth it!

However, I can imagine that you would like to try the products first. Squalan has a solution for this! They offer testers for €2,95. This way you can try out their whole product range. Their product range has two other products too; an eye serum and another facial oil. You can try all the products in 4 sachets. How convenient? Buy the testers here.

Click here for more information about their 3-step skin guide.







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