Smooth and soft skin with Estrid

Smooth and soft skin with Estrid

In today’s post I’m reviewing the products of Estrid. They were so kind to send over some of their shaving products and skin care products. The first thing I noticed is how cute the razor blades look, but do they also work well? Lets’ find out!

So what exactly is Estrid? When looking at their website I noticed that they claim to make vegan razor blades. Vegan razor blades? Apparently most razor brands use animal substances in the soothing strips on razors. This brand doesn’t. I never knew. If this already wasn’t a huge bonus point, let’s hear this next thing: for every purchase you make, Estrid donates a portion to a foundation that supports women’s rights in more than 20 war and conflict-ridden countries. That truly is amazing!

So let’s talk about the products. When I received the package I was super impressed. It’s really gorgeous and I’m loving all the different quotes that you can find on the packaging. The packaging is not only made of really good quality (you can feel it right away) but it also looks so cute. To be honest I had a hard time throwing the packaging away because I liked it too much haha!

What’s inside?

I received three skin care products: a vegan body lotion, vegan shave cream and vegan body oil wash. Can we take a moment for the cutest titles for these products? All moods are ones I can definitely relate too, lol!

These products smell delicious, and make sure your skin will be extra soft. They gave me a really nice spa experience.

Let’s move on to the razor blades. I received them in two colors: pink and orange. So cute!!

It’s almost impossible to choose, but I think the pink one is my favorite. They come with a handy sticky button so you can hang it up on your wall or mirror and also a carrying case. The quality of the razor blades are really, really good. You can feel it removing all the hairs (also the tiniest ones) and leaves your skin feeling super soft. Especially in combination with the body oil wash. Exactly what my skin needs now the days are getting colder again.

How does it work? You can buy a subscription from €9,95 and you can cancel it any time. They deliver you new blades as often as you want. You can choose once a month, once every two months or once every 3 months. How easy and relaxed is that?

I’m a big fan and will definitely start using the Estrid blades from now on. They do not only look super cute in your bathroom, they are better for our environment than other razor blades and last but not least, give you such smooth skin results.


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