The secret healthy ingredient to my perfect oats

The secret healthy ingredient to my perfect oats

In today’s post I’ll be sharing my go-to ingredient I put in my oats everytime – to make it taste amazing! I’ve been eating oats for years now and I just can’t get bored of it. Here’s why!

It’s really that simple: koek- en speculaaskruiden. This is a herb you can find in the Dutch supermarktes and hopefully around the globe as well. Basically; its a cookie-flavored/spiced biscuit flavored herb. And the best part: it contains no sugars or salt. It’s made out of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and some more ingredients. I throw this in my oats every morning and it makes it so sweet and yum! I can even buy the unsweetened plant based milks and still make it taste so good.

How I prepare my oats:

  • 160 ML of (unsweetened) plant based milk (I usually prefer soy milk)
  • 1/2 banana
  • cookie herbs
  • 35 gr oats

I smash the banana and mix everything together. Next I stir the mixture in a pan until it becomes nice and thick. Lastly I’d like to add different fruits and a table spoon natural peanut butter. In the winter I’d love to add some dark chocolate to it, but I’ll share my nice winter recipe by that time.

You can buy the herbs in Dutch supermarkets like Albert Heijn and Jumbo.


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