My week at home: Corona

My week at home: Corona

To be honest, I didn’t think that I was ever going to write a post like this, but: Yesterday I got called by the public health service of Amsterdam (GGD) that my test results on Corona came back positive. At that point it didn’t come as a surprise anymore; I’ve had been ill that whole week. Let me take you through my week.

On Sunday afternoon I was getting a bit of a headache and started having a blocked nose. Although there could be a hundred reason for these two symptoms (my hay fever for example) my gut feeling told me it wasn’t right.

So when I woke up early on Monday morning I decided not to go to the office to see how things were going to develop. At first I thought I was only having a blocked nose and I almost wanted to come to the office the next day, but again, something inside me told me to stay home.

I also stayed home on Tuesday, just to be sure. And just like that I started to feel less and less okay. Eventually I ended up having a fever that same day already.

The next two days I was feeling really sick. I was having chills all over my body and at the same time I had sweat attacks. Also my throat really hurt, I had a headache and a major cold. On Wednesday I definitely had the worst day: I felt like I was going to pass out twice (it sounds so dramatic haha) so I decided to stay in bed and not go to the Corona test I had originally planned for that day.

While my fever slowly went away a new symptom came along on Thursday: I didn’t smell and taste anymore. At this point I almost knew for sure it had to be Corona.

I got myself tested on Friday. I was slowly feeling a bit better already. I worked a little bit and I discovered a new hobby: playing puzzles. LOL. It’s actually really addictive. I’ve spend days on finishing this puzzle of the canal in Amsterdam. I also decided to take a break from social media just to really clear my head. I had to get used to not check my phone every now and then, but eventually it really did make me more relaxt.

Also on Saturday I felt a bit more okay. I was still having a cold, but no more fever and a less sore throat. I also started watching a new series: Kalifat. It’s on Netflix and I had heard a lot of good reviews about it. It’s true! Definitely my new binge-watch series.

On Sunday I finally got the result back: positive on Corona. To be honest I was super relieved at this point. Imagine that I was sick that whole week, but it was just a normal fever. Every time I would get new symptoms in the future I would have needed to get a corona test and go in quarantaine again. Now I know I have it, I just have to sit this quarantaine out (only 2 more days) and I’m done.

I’m feeling way better and got to clean my house and did some self care haha.

But the biggest relieve is that no one around me got sick. This was my number one concern. Although I’m very careful with everyone and keep the 1,5 meter distance always in mind, you just never know. From the very first moment I started to feel something was off, I went in self-isolation and I saw now one. It’s so so important.. It was really boring, but 100% worth it, knowing you can’t harm anyone this way.

In the meantime my parents and brother have taken such great care for me. They came and bring me groceries, dinner, fruit drinks and what more. Also all my friends have been so kind in offering help and checking in (on the phone) <3

Anyway, I’m feeling much better today. I only have a blocked nose left and sometimes a headache. Unfortunately I still can’t taste or smell. This will probably stay for a little while, but I’m just really glad the worst part is over!

Stay safe everyone!


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