I tried out protein water for the first time and here’s what I think

I tried out protein water for the first time and here’s what I think

Since a few weeks I’m working hard to get totally fit again. I’ve always played sports as a kid: I played field hockey for more than 14 years on the highest level at my club here in Amsterdam. I also competed in Tennis until I had to stop playing my tennis matches and fully focus on hockey. So basically, I was super fit my whole youth.

Then I started my student life and I was not so active anymore haha. Since 6/7 years I’ve started going to the gym. There were periods where I hit the gym 5/6 times a week and there also were periods where I didn’t rock up for a few months. I always do extremes lol. Until recently I decided to get back in to my old fit shape again. I’ve been hitting the gym a lot lately and I’m trying to eat as healthy as I can – while still enjoying life. Which means if I crave something really bad, I will eat it. If I want to drink wine on a terrace, I will do it. This way I feel like I can maintain my healthy lifestyle so much better.

So when I got reached out by Killerbodyfood if I wanted to try out their newest product protein water, the timing could not have been better. I have tried protein shakes in the past a lot. Protein is known for the build up, recovery and maintenance of your muscles. Perfect for when you are working out regularly.

However, I always noticed I found the protein shakes super heavy on my stomach. It made me feel nauseous from time to time and I often didn’t like the taste. Luckily I found brands throughout the years that I liked way more, but still I wouldn’t take a shake for “fun”.

I got so triggered by protein water because I could imagine that all mentioned above would be not the case with a water drink. And indeed, this is true. I honestly love drinking this protein water. It tastes like a soft drink/lemonade but with a completely different nutritional value. The protein water comes in two flavors: orange and tropical. One bottle (500 ml) contains 42 calories and 10 g protein. The water also contains milk (this is only 2,3%) so this drink is not vegan.

I really think this protein water is the perfect solution for a guilty free “snack moment”. I for example take it with me to the gym for an extra boost or drink it somewhere throughout the day. Best to drink it when it’s cold. If you ask me, the perfect solution to get your dose of protein the fun way!

The protein water is available as of now. From September 7th it’s available at Jumbo.


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