My 80% vegan lifestyle

My 80% vegan lifestyle

A few weeks ago I made a complete new life plan: becoming 80% vegan. In today’s post I will share with you my reasons and how I’m experiencing my new lifestyle.

To be honest it wasn’t the hardest decision to cut out animal products for 80%; I have been a vegetarian since I’m 15 years old (almost 12 years ago now). I do eat fish from time to time. My only reason to not eat meat is because of the animals. I’m strongly against the bio industry and it makes me sick that it still exists until this day. I also didn’t feel comfortable anymore eating biological meat. For this reason I decided years ago to cut out all the meat in my life. And I have never ever missed it one day. I’m also slowly starting to dislike eating fish for the same reasons as mentioned above. Overall I’m noticing I’m starting to dislike eating animal products. So that made me question the current diet I was having.

I’ve tried out a vegan diet before but I felt I couldn’t combine it with working out. I felt dizzy when standing up and I was hungry all the time. Also, I’m such a big cheese lover so I felt it was impossible to become vegan.

However, slowly but surely the vegan product selection in the supermarktes in Amsterdam were getting bigger and bigger and all of a sudden there was also vegan cheese, which actually tastes quite nice. I also started to admit that my coffee tastes just as nice with oat or soy milk as with cow milk.

So.. a new plan was born. What if I didn’t cut out animal products out for 100%, but for 80%? So, if I really wanted a piece of cheese, a butter croissant or a tasty dessert, I wouldn’t be “cheating”. For this reason, I now have noticed I can “succeed” in keeping my lifestyle like this. It have worked out so well the last weeks.

There are a lot of benefits to my new lifestyle:

  • Less animal suffering. Also milk cows are being treated horribly. So always buy biological products and check for quality marks)
  • I overall eat healthier. Because I actively think about what I put in my mouth, the nice side effect is I also actively choose healthier products because I want to feel good)
  • Less bloating of my stomach. I notice my stomach is flatter because I don’t combine all sorts of food (think about dairy, carbs and fats)

I made a promise to call this a 80/20 lifestyle so I wouldn’t be cheating when necessary, but in reality I eat more than 80% vegan. I would say on a normal week day I eat about 90% of the time vegan. Some days even 100%.

I will soon share some really nice vegan recipes here so you can try it out as well. And if you have some nice recipes too, leave them down below in the comment section or let me know on Insta. I would love to try them out!


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