GlamGlow Box August

It’s been a short while – but it’s time to unbox a new GlamGlow beauty box! My face is being exposed to the sun more than usual at the moment and although I try to keep it out of the sun as much as possible, I love to treat my face a little bit extra these days. So this box came right in time.

In this months’ GlamGlow box: Moisturetrip, Glowsetter, Glowlace and Dreamduo. Let’s get started.

First product I’m reviewing today is the DreamDuo. According to GlamGlow this product is a dream serum and dream seal. It will give you plump, radiant and smooth skin in two steps.

First you apply the serum (the light half) and you let it sink into the skin for 30 seconds. This serum contains caffeine and green tea. First thing I noticed when applying the serum, is the pleasant texture. It’s thick, but not greasy. It really gives your skin a hydrated feeling.

After 30 seconds I applied the seal (the grey half). I didn’t really noticed a difference in texture – again – it was really nice to apply. This part contains Hyaluronic Acid + Mozuku Green Algues which recharges the skin’s glow overnight.

You can use the Dreamduo as a nightly treatment. I have been using it everyday for a week in a row now and my skin is very radiant and even.

Second product that I’m reviewing is Glowlace. This is a green tea mask, with hyaluronic acid and caffeine. According to GlamGlow is hydrates and re-energize the skin.

The mask contains of two parts, which makes it easier to apply. First you apply the bottom part and second you apply the top part. The mask is very “wet” but in a good way. You feel you’re going to dip your face in hydrating mask. I do think the mask looks a bit spooky lol.

I left the mask on for around 10 minutes and after that I massaged the leftover product in my skin. My skin really felt so soft and recharged after this mask.

I have tried out this face cream before. You can read everything about it here. In short: this cream will calm down your irritated skin and relieves visible redness. Sounds perfect for summer, when your face is exposed to the sun more often. I really love this cream for it’s rich formula. It truly is a great feeling applying this cream to your skin.

Also this product I’ve already tried out before. Read everything about it here. I always love to set my makeup, especially now in summer. This setting spray is definitely one of my go-to sprays. I spray it on immediately after I’ve finished my makeup look but I also spray it from time to time throughout the day. Not only does it makes my face feel more fresh during a long day, it also makes sure that my makeup stays put.


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