Jean Paul Gaultier – So Scandal

Jean Paul Gaultier – So Scandal

For me, there is nothing like a good perfume. I instantly always feel so much better when I spray on a nice smell. I have had the same perfumes for yeeeears now and lately I felt like trying out something new. I know I love mysterious perfumes, but where do I start with my search?

Then Jean Paul Gaultier came along and I got asked if I wanted to try out their newest perfume. When I heard the name I was already interested a lot. So Scandal. It sounds “extra” and that’s exactly what I like! 🙂

I love everything about this perfume. Let me start with the packaging. Loooooove it.

The bordeaux red and the velvet – combined with the can. It’s really awesome. And then when you open up the can: so so amazing. The golden legs on the perfume, the classy bottle. I just really, really like it.

If I wouldn’t like the smell, I would already be happy with the perfume bottle to have it displayed in my house. But then I sprayed on the perfume  and everything was complete. It’s exactly the type of smell I adore. I would describe it as sexy, feminine, sweet (but not too sweet) and extravagant. Orange blossom, Jasmin and Tuberose make the perfume. Just love it!

You can buy the perfume at for example Douglas or Ici Paris XL.


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