Glamglow box

Glamglow box

Here it is again: a new month, a new Glamglow box! I always get so excited when my new box arrives. My beauty highlight of the month because I know Glamglow won’t let me down. Can’t wait to share the new products with you in this post.

Super Cleanser

First Item I want to share with you is the Super Cleanser. According to GlamGlow it is “A daily deep cleaning cream-to-foam cleanser with detoxifying charcoal and salicylic acid that blasts away pore-clogging oils, debris and face makeup.”

IMG_9075 (1)

I love users cleansers – it makes my face feel so fresh. For me in the past every cleanser that I used on my face did the trick – it cleansed my face and my leftover makeup from the day. I thought you can’t go really wrong with a cleanser. But when I tried out this Super Cleanser I honestly was sold immediately! I feel this product really suits my skin amazingly.

First thing I like is that it reminds me a lot of the Super Mud Mask, it is actually from the same line of products. Applying this cleanser makes me feel like I’m in a spa and that I’m about to really treat my face. I massage the product properly into my skin and let it sit for about half a minute.

After removing the cleanser my skin feels so so so incredibly soft – if only I could let you feel my skin. I honestly think my skin has never felt this soft before. No long facials or treatments, but just a simple face wash with this cleanser that gave me this baby soft skin. I almost didn’t want to put on my night serum after, because of how this cleanser made my face feel.

For me this really is the perfect cleanser, both day and night. It’s gentle on the skin and very easy to use.

Eyeboost Eye Mask

In this month’s box I got three new Eyeboost Eye masks. In last month’s box I already received one and I’ve written about it in my previous post.

Super Toner

First time ever I tried out a toner! I was really curious to try this one out. According to GlamGlow the Super Toner is “An exfoliating acid and activated charcoal toner for acne-prone skin that instantly clarifies and unclogs pores for visibly clearer, smoother and more radiant skin.”

IMG_9077 (1)

Personally I don’t deal with acne or similar problems like that. I deal with dry skin, but as I’m turning older I do notice my pores are getting more visible. For example around my nose area. So I was curious if this toner could help me get rid of that.

The product is easy in use, you have to shake it beforehand. I personally love applying the product directly on my skin but you can also for example use a cotton pad while applying it. I do notice the product is quite strong and intense (the smell is quite minty) but it is absolutely gentle on the skin which is really nice.

I have really noticed a difference with my pores lately. They have become less visible and overall my skin looks more clean and less shiny on the T-zone.


Last but not least, the SuperSerum. According to GlamGlow it “is a silky skin-plumping and exfoliating serum that dissolves dull surface cells and minimizes the appearance of fine lines for instantly smooth, radiant skin. Powered by the Super Six Acid Blend, a high-potency complex of exfoliating AHAs, BHA and PHA, it works on different layers of the skin to loosen dead skin cells, promote cell renewal and even the look of dull skin tone and texture. For all skin types; suitable for acne-prone skin. Transforms from gray to clear when applied. Added activated charcoal purifies pores while hyaluronic acid instantly hydrates.”

IMG_9076 (1)

Sounds very promising. Again, this product is in the same line as the Supermud Mask, the Super Toner and the Super Cleanser. I use this product in combination with the toner and the cleaner on a daily base. The products are gentle enough to use everyday (even both day and night if you desire). Like I explained with the toner, my skin looks more clean and my pores are less visible ever since I started using these products.

Tip: want to know in what order to use the products? When I use them at night: I first cleanse my face with the cleanser, after that I apply the toner. I let it sit for a bit and next up I apply the serum. (I usually follow with adding an eye cream – also one from GlamGlow) and after that I apply my night cream. When I use the products in the morning, I start with the toner and after that the serum. Since there is no SPF in these products, I always make sure to add a SPF product when I am going out of the house.


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