Reviewing a new Glamglow goodiebox

For today’s post I’m reviewing a new box full of Glamglow products I’ve received. In my previous post I discovered a lot of their new products and I was loving it! If you’re interested in reading my last post, click here.

Anyway, I still use the Glamglow products in my daily skincare routine. In fact, I almost have run out of stock because of heavy usage haha.

In today’s box I’m reviewing The Instamud, The Flashmud and The Glowsetter. I also received another bottle of The Gentlebubble Cleanser. Since I already reviewed this cleanser in my last post, I won’t be reviewing it here.


The Instamud 

According to Glamglow, this is an instant face mask treatment with niacinamide and bentonite clay. It refines pores and evens skin tone, leaving your skin feel soft and smooth. You will be makeup-ready in just one minute.


The masks will transform into oxygenating bubbles once you put it on, how amazing!


I’ve never tried out a mask like this before but I love it! The mask tingles and tickles a bit on your skin once it starts to bubble. It actually feels funny lol. I normally use it right before I step into the shower. Since this mask is a really quick one, it’s ideal to use it in the morning. It leaves my skin feeling sooo fresh and clean afterwards!

How to use the mask?

1. Smooth a generous layer onto dry, clean skin. Do not rub in.
2. Let sit and the mask will transform into oxygenating bubbles.
3. Leave on for 60 seconds.
4. Rinse with warm water. Follow with your usual treatment routine. Use 2-3 times a week or as desired.

The Flashmud

According to Glamglow, The Flashmud is a fast-acting brightening face mask treatment with vitamin C and lactic acid that reveals luminous, radiant and more even-toned skin after one use.


Sounds good right? I’ve tried out this mask and I really love it. The mask is really nice to apply to the skin. First when you apply it, it is a thick formula. But once you leave it on the mask “absorbs” into the skin – working its magic. It is advised to use the mask the first time, 3 days in a row.

IMG_5472 (2)

I’m really happy with this mask! I can definitely see my face become more radiant and even toned. It actually gets a red/pinkish glow to my face. Believe me, it’s nice 😉

I also really like that whilst removing the mask, you scrub your face with the tiny clay parts. Leaving your skin feeling smooth, fresh and even toned. The mask is really gentle for the skin as well.

The Glowsetter

Last not but least, I’m reviewing the Glowsetter. According to Glamglow this setting spray finishes your face makeup with a soft, cloud-like mist of mineral-rich charged waters, meaning your glow goes everywhere with you, no matter what. With a caffeine infusion it helps to wake up dull skin and instantly boost radiance, while a TEAOXI™ complex of green, white, and red teas (a blend known to fight environmental stressors), works alongside other advanced ingredients to leave skin feeling hydrated, soothed, and smoothed.


What I love about this setting spray is that it feels so nice when spraying on the skin. I’ve always used setting sprays before, but sometimes it would get too wet when I sprayed it on my face. It would ruin my makeup because my eyes would start to tear.

With this spray, I can really spray a lot and close to my skin, but it will get sticky and not too wet. Also it smells amazing. It sets my makeup really well and it lasts throughout the day.



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