Glamglow Box

Glamglow Box

For today’s post I’m sharing a box full of products that make me so happy! I was so excited when this box arrived to my house. I’ve known Glamglow for quite some years now and I’ve tried out some of their masks which I really liked. So I find it sooo nice that as of now I’m able to collaborate with them.

I’ve received this big box full of products that I’m going to share with you today. I just love to pamper myself from time to time – especially during winter when my skin needs a little extra help. The products of Glamglow are amazing for this. Not only do they look good and do they smell good, they also really work great on my skin. So if you’re interested in what they have to offer; keep reading!


So this is a creamy moisturizer with omega-rich cannabis sativa seed (hemp) oil and antioxidant-rich chaga mushroom. It helps calm down your irritated skin and relieves visible redness while it gives you a lasting hydration. Okay well this sounds amazing for my skin! My skin tends to get so dry and I get red spots from time to time, which I somehow never seem to diminish during winter.IMG_2871

What I really like about this cream is that it is quite thick and fatty. When I applied it on my skin I immediately felt the hydration. And it lasted. With other creams I’ve had before that while applying it, I felt hydrated but shortly after my skin felt dry again. This cream leaves my skin hydrated and really soft. I apply this in the morning with the Starpotion liquid charcoal clarifying oil which I’ll tell you more about later in this blogpost.

Good in bed

The name of this product already gets to me. It makes me feel like I will be applying a cream that help me last through the night and nourish my skin while I’m recharging. This is a passionfruit (and that’s why it also smells really delicious I can tell you) night cream with powerfully gentle skin-exfoliating acids and ski-plumping Hyaluronic Acid. According to Glamglow “the magic happens when opposites attract: the positively charged formula is attracted to the negatively charged skin surface and the skin-softening technology gets to work. This cream works really well for dry skin and dull, uneven texture. Well, especially the dry skin part attracts me again, because that’s me!



I like that this cream not only smells really nice, but just like the day cream is thick and rich. You can just feel it when you apply it to the skin. It gives such an amazing feeling. I really notice the formula of this cream after using a mask first. When I dry my face and apply this cream I really feel the fatty cream absorbing into my skin and it feels so good!

Gentle Bubble

Can we take a moment for this packaging?!


I’m a sucker for lovely packaging. It just makes me want to use the product even more. And I’ll tell you, I always get happy when I go the my bathroom and see this cleanser standing on my shelf. I’ve only discovered cleansers a few years ago and I really feel it’s such an important step in cleaning your skin. Especially if you’re wearing makeup.

Because of my dry skin, I’m often quite sceptical about using cleansers since I don’t want it to dry out my skin even more. For me it works to not use too much products, because it will work the opposite way if I do. But reading about this cleanser and how it is perfect for usage on a daily base, makes me feel optimistic. And honestly, I love this product! It makes my skin feel so clean and soft! It truly is a pleasure using this after a long day.


According to the Glamglow website this powerful liquid charcoal oil clarifies the complexion and protects the skin from pollution with antioxidants while it nourishes. This oil interested me a lot. First of all I’m always happy to try out oils because overall they work really well for my skin. The oil consists of two types of charcoal, Turmeric, Aloe Vera TEAOXI®, Vitamin C, Salicylic Acid, and oleic acid-rich oils.


You can use this oil both for day and night and according to the website it’s perfect after any Glamglow treatment. Personally, I love using this oil in the morning before I apply my day cream. The oil transforms from black to clear to smooth and protect your skin. It feels like such a nice base before applying any other cream. My skin feels soft and smooth and ready to start the day.

This might be my favorite Glamglow product. According to the website it is their most advanced hydrating treatment that provides instant, lasting hydration. With powerful hyaluronic acid, coconut, ginger, and honey, this creamy mud treatment restores and calms skin, leaving it hydrated and glowing.
What I love about this product is that you can leave it on as a mask. It is not necessary to rinse your face afterwards and it truly makes my skin feel so hydrated. I love applying the Thirstymud after a long day of work. I’m cleaning my face and removing my makeup and afterwards I put on this mask. What I also really like about this product is that you can use it multiple times per week, meaning the product is not that hectic on your skin. My skin is pretty sensitive, but this products works really gentle on my skin.
Seriously, how good does this looks? I just want to dive my face in this jar and get it hydrated lol. For everyone with dry skin I can definitely recommend this one, just to treat your skin during winter. Apply a thin layer to your whole face (you can also apply it to your neck and décolleté) let it sit for about 20 minutes and afterwards either wipe of the excess product or massage it into the skin (the last option works amazing for me).
Last but definitely not least: the Youthmud. According to the website this is: “a skin-transforming clay face mask that intensely exfoliates, revealing softer, smoother, more glowing skin in as little as 10 minutes. The mud mask that started it all, this facial treatment exfoliates with volcanic pumice rock to help smooth fine lines and soften skin’s texture, while natural clays lift impurities without removing skin’s essential oils.”
This mask will help you brighten and smoothen for tighter, more glowing and youthful-looking skin. Glamglow claims it’s the holy grail in Hollywood for achieving instant camera- ready skin.
Okay, well that sounds amazing right?? I love how they describe this product because it makes me immediately want to try it out.
You can use this product up to twice a week. Leave it on for 10 minutes and in the meantime it will start to tingle (this means the product is working). It is adviced to avoid the eye-area and not suited for extremely dry or sensitive skin.
As you know by now, I have very dry and sensitive skin. So how does this product work for me? Well, quite well actually! I was a bit hesitant to try it out. When I first applied it, it start tingling a lot but like I already described above; that means that it’s working. The clay slowly dried up in those 10 minutes and after that I rinsed my face and I felt so soft and clean after. I did have a few red “irritation” spots but they fade away after a short while. The mask made my skin look very glowing and smooth and I definitely will use this mask more. So also for people with sensitive skin, you can definitely try it out and see how it works on your skin. My sensitive skin could handle it 🙂
I’m really happy about receiving this first Glamglow box full of amazing goodies. Soon I’ll receive a new one and I can’t wait to update you with more products! In the meantime:  if you want to read more about all the Glamglow products, visit their website. They also sell in the Netherlands at Douglas, Ici Paris XL and more places.

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