Getting that Australian tan in winter with Bondi Sands

Getting that Australian tan in winter with Bondi Sands

It’s November and I’m longing back to my tan. It’s always so funny how I don’t think I’m that tanned during summer, but when I look back at summer pictures in the winter I realize how tanned I was. Too late unfortunately lol. Anyway, my tan has almost disappeared and it’s time to boost things up. This time with Bondi Sands.

Some of you may know that I looove to self tan in the winter. I don’t really get pale in the winter, I would call it more yellowish, but I definitely could use some color here and there. It honestly makes me feel so much happier when I look in the mirror and see some tan. I also feel skinnier and more in shape. I’ve tried a lot of products over the years. Some I really liked and some that made me look like a carrot HA! (Check out this article to make sure you self tan like a pro).

So it’s time to get that tan going. Let me first tell you some more about Bondi Sands. I didn’t know the brand before. I got reached out to try it and I immediately felt curious. It’s an Australian brand and they also ship in Europe. They have a lot of different products and according to their website, big celebrities like Kylie Jenner are a fan of the brand.

What did I receive?


I’ve received a cute package consisting of the Liquid Gold Self Tanning Dry Oil, the Self Tan Eraser and a tanning mitt. Let me first start with telling you how I think it’s amazing that they add a self tan eraser to my package. In the past I’ve dealt a lot with “leftover” tan on my body and it’s quite annoying. Because when you’re ready to apply a new self tan, you will see the build-up and it doesn’t make it look more charming. This product promises to erase all the leftovers so you can start fresh with a new layer of tan.

The result 

I really liked applying this self tan. First of all the product smells amazing! I’ve had some hectic products in the past that smelled like chemicals, but this product has a really nice coconut sense. What I also really, really liked is that the tan is oil-based. Dry oil to be exactly. And this makes it perfect to apply, even on dry areas like my hands and elbows I didn’t notice any dry spots. Normally I would always put vaseline on my hands before applying it there, but in this case the product was smooth enough that it wasn’t necessary. Besides that it also makes it really pleasant to apply the product to the skin.

The second thing that I’m positive about is the tanning mitt. It is really soft but what’s most amazing is the inside of the mitt. I’m not really sure how to call it, but it looks like the inside is made of rubber so your hands won’t slip while you’re making circulair motions. This maybe sounds a bit strange, but I love it!! With previous mitts I used from other brands I always got to the point where I couldn’t control my hands anymore when the mitt was used too much. My hands would slip and that always annoyed me. With this mitt I can apply the product perfectly.


Above you can see the results. I think it looks so natural! The color is “gold” and normally I always go really dark with tanning products. When looking at the result I do think I could use a darker product to achieve even more of a difference. But at the same time I find this color really charming. I also think this product works amazing on more fair skin. I would describe the color more cool than warm and that works really well on the skin. If the color is too warm you can get an orange appearance really easily, and that’s the last thing you want!

So to conclude this post, I’m very positive about the products of Bondi Sands. They smell nice, work great with dry skin and give a natural finish.

If you want to know more about the products of Bondi Sands visit their website. And for us Dutchies: you can buy their products at a lot of webshops. For example Douglas, Captain Tan and Boozy Shop.


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