Goodbye dark circles thanks to Bobbi Brown

Goodbye dark circles thanks to Bobbi Brown

A while back I was invited for a Bobbi Brown make-over in the Bijenkorf in Amsterdam. Bobbi Brown is known for their easy, but glammy looks. They find it important that you feel like yourself, but by using the right makeup, you feel even more pretty and confident. Sounds really good to me.

I’ve always heard so many great things about Bobbi Brown, but I’ve never owned any product before. So when I was invited for this make-over I was really excited. The lady at the Bobbi Brown counter gave me a natural glam look with a nude lip and glitter eye. It looked so pretty!


This was the look she created. I really noticed that I looked so much more ‘awake’ than normal. This is because of the eyeliner created on my upper lid and because of the corrector and concealer that was used.

About the last two I want to talk today! Because after my make-over I got send out two items: the corrector in color bisque and the concealer in color warm beige.

Let’s start with the corrector. I’ve always known that you can cancel out dark circles by using a red-ish corrector. But somehow I just didn’t do it. And as I’ve got older I noticed more and more dark circles lol.  When the lady at the bijenkorf corrected my eyes with this product I was blown away! What a difference one little product can achieve.


The corrector is quite creamy and I really like that. My skin tends to get really dry, especially during winter. I easily get dry spots in my face and the eye-area is the worst to be honest. With this product I can correct my dark circles in a really smooth way. The product is soft and creamy to apply and works perfect for my skin. I could definitely recommend this corrector if you have dry skin as well.

Also the concealer is great. It reminds me a lot of the NARS creamy concealer, which happens to be one of my favorite concealers of all time. I apply it after the corrector and you only need a tiny bit of the product to get the desired result. Again, a big plus for me.


I thought it would be nice to share a before and after so you can see the results the best.


Okay, what a difference. Seriously.  On the left I’m wearing no make-up at all, I only applied an eyebrow pencil. On the right I’m wearing the corrector and concealer, a bit of foundation and eye-makeup. I look so much more awake and healthy lol. I can’t believe I’m only fighting my dark circles now. Wish I’ve done this way earlier. From now on I’ll absolutely add these Bobbi Brown products to my daily make-up routine.

Have you tried Bobbi Brown products before? You can shop them at the Bijenkorf or online at Bobbi Brown.


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